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We are investors and partners for life science start‑ups

Early-stage life science companies require sufficient financial resources to take their innovations to the next level. In this critical stage of a young company, founders and manage­ment benefit from investors who can not only provide financial resources but who also understand the science behind their innovations and appre­ciate the oppor­tunities as well as the challenges. Ideally, investors should also be able to contribute their strategic and opera­tional experience during the develop­ment and com­mer­ciali­zation of health­care products and appli­cations.

How do we translate these concepts into our investment philosophy?

A discussion with clients at the offices of AVANTECA Partners AG in Basel, Switzerland.

We focus on inno­vations we understand

We invest primarily in life science companies that focus on new chemical or biological entities (NCEs or NBEs) across the main thera­peutic areas, including vaccines. In addition, we invest in digital health applications that have a direct impact on the course of a disease.

When we engage with companies, we strive to explore and understand the underlying science and acquaint ourselves with the critical issues before we decide to invest.
«As early-stage investors, we understand our role and are willing to take risks.»
Two managing partners in a discussion with clients at the offices of AVANTECA Partners AG in Basel, Switzerland.
Michael Milos and Dr. Christian Schilling, Managing Partners

Our managing partners have extensive stra­tegic and hands‑on experience

We believe in a strong partnership with our portfolio companies and the importance of offering strategic and operational support beyond providing financial resources.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the healthcare sector, we are equipped to advise a company’s founders and management throug­hout their development process. This includes the main critical aspects during the early- and late-stage development process as well as the commercialization and partnering or licensing out of more advanced development products.
A discussion with clients at the offices of AVANTECA Partners AG in Basel, Switzerland.
«We consider the due diligence process to be an exchange of data, knowledge, and views as well as an opportunity to learn and benefit from each other – even if in the end we decide not to invest.»
Entry Hall to the offices of AVANTECA Partners AG in Basel, SwitzerlandThe lounge at the offices of AVANTECA Partners AG in Basel, Switzerland.

As a privately held asset management­ company, we invest using only our firm’s own assets

In line with our set-up and philo­sophy, we prioritize the strategic and content aspects of our investments over pure financial results. Our investment decisions are driven by single asset evaluation rather than portfolio considerations.

We participate mainly in seed and early rounds prior to an IPO. Ideally, we would like to see preclinical proof-of-concept data, a manu­facturing development plan, and a path to submit an investi­gational new drug (IND) application or an equivalent.

We would like to hear about your innovation

Do you like our approach? Does your company fit with our investment philosophy? Tell us about yourself and your company, and we will get in touch.
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